EasyWaaS Features

EasyWaaS is a system we developed for our branded client portal which is built for our members. It allows you to deploy WordPress with your prebuilt templates automatically. We’ve replicated all of the features of popular multisite plugins such as Ultimo without the need for multisite, and have more on the way!

Geographic Freedom!

Your customers can have their sites deployed in the region that is closest to them, improving performance of their website to their audience regardless of where they visit from.

No Multisite!

The EasyWaaS system does not use WordPress multisite and thus eliminates the challenge of scaling. You’re ready for infinite growth from the start. There is no limit on how many sites can be deployed.


Client Portal

For all of our members, we deploy a client portal that is branded to their business which automates the following:

Full of Features

All Features

Our EasyWaaS module is available on our WPAligned Pro plan, and comes with these additional features.

Branded End User Support

Traditionally, customers of web agencies have to contact the agency, and then the agency has to contact the upstream vendor. We're changing this up, and providing support directly to our members' customers under their brand. You can focus on building your WaaS!


Our client portal system provides multiple reports so that you can get a pulse on how your WaaS is doing.

Integrated... Everything.

Our client portal integrates with multiple systems and services. You can automate domain registration, billing, hosting provisioning, DNS, and so much more!

Mitigate risk of bad updates...

In the multisite world, you update a plugin once for all sites running off of the multisite. If it's a bad update, it can take your entire multisite down. We don't use multisite, so it sidesteps this entirely.

Choice of updates!

In Multisite based WaaS, you don't get a choice on whether to run plugin updates. On our platform, you can choose to update plugins, or let your customers do their own updates and purchase care plans from you.

Stress free backups

Without a huge complex database, backups are a breeze. We backup every site on our platform and you can additionally use any plugin solution you probably already own (All In One, WPVivid, Updraft, etc).

High Performance

Our platform utilizes the highest performance hardware available, which includes best in class processors from both Intel and AMD, and NVMe storage drives which deliver a 6X increase of performance over SSD.

Scale out, not up.

Currently, Multisite owners are having to scale their servers up, which gets more and more expensive. We believe in scaling out, which is way more cost effective.

Security Certified

We utilize the Imunify360 Security Suite. This includes a WAF to analyze behavioral threats, malware scanning, and malware cleanup.

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