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Simple Pricing

Your WPA membership is priced at $29 month. From there you can mix and match tiers for your sites: Lite, Pro, or Elite. It’s easy and predictable. We don’t charge for your agency or EasyWaaS template sites. No setup fees and only $29 today to get started!


Our Lite Plan is perfect to get started with. It includes your own instance of our client portal, and our infrastructure. 




Our Pro Plan is perfect for established agencies who are looking to scale their operations.




Our Elite Plan is perfect for agency owners who want to focus on growing their agency and let us handle everything from end to end.




TBD – Coming soon


Accepted Payment Methods

We accept Stripe Credit Cards, and Stripe ACH.

Money Back Guarantee!

If we're not a fit in the first 30 days, we'll give a full refund minus any setup fees.

SSL Secure Payment

All payment details are stored securely in Stripe.

Frequently Asked Questions

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All of the above and more! WPAligned takes the technical burden off WordPress Agencies allowing them to flourish.

We host our member’s sites, support them and their customers, provide access to our growing software library, and consult them as they grow.

The sites are hosted in one of our three regions. US East (Miami, Florida), UK South (London), or AUS East (Sydney).

We have an enterprise support desk license and add each member’s brand during their initial onboarding. Support is staffed by Level 3 Support Engineers and does not include site-level problems unless that customer is on a specific care plan or our Elite plan.

We utilize the same desk that we use for end user support for our members. In addition to tickets, we also invite members and their team to an internal Slack and we provide support to them there. 

We don’t support people to people email at this time, but our servers are setup to allow transactional email to flow. For example, password resets, order receipts, etc. For transactional email, we still recommend going with a company like Postmark, Mailgun, etc.

For people to people email, we recommend Office 365 by Microsoft, Workspace by Google, MXRoute, and ImprovMX, just to name a few.