Are Multisite Growing Pains Getting You Down?

Does your WaaS struggle technically as it scales? Unmanageable databases, monstrous backups, incompatible plugins...sound familiar?

Spend time growing your business, not fighting your multisite.

Multisite Waas Alternative

Meet EasyWaaS

EasyWaaS takes the benefit of multisite automation and combines it with single site stability.

Billing, provisioning, and WordPress deployment all under one roof hosted on top tier hardware all around the world.

How EasyWaaS Managed Networks Are Superior To Multisite WaaS Systems

You read right. All around the world. Your EasyWaaS network can provision sites to servers worldwide. You’re no longer tied to one geographic region like with multisite.

Icon Geographic Freedom

Geographic Freedom

With EasyWaaS you can provision sites in various locations. Your customers can choose the location closest to them and their customers.  Goodbye single server multisite networks, hello multitenancy.

Icon Exhaustive Backups

Stress Free Backups

Without a huge complex database, backups are a breeze. Choose from server side backups or use virtually any plugin solution you probably already own (All In One, WPVivid, Updraft, etc).

Icon Easy Waas

No Multisite

The EasyWaaS system does not use WordPress multisite and thus eliminates the challenge of scaling. You’re ready for infinite growth from the start. There is no limit on how many sites can be deployed.

Icon Maximum Security

No Hard SSL Limits

Never worry about Let’s Encrypt’s 100 domain limit on SSL certificates or wrangling your sites into groups to concoct a workaround. With each site a single install, you can have 200, 300, 1k certificates no problem.

Icon Uptime Monitoring

Immune To Bad Updates

Provisioned sites are single WordPress instances. There’s no risk of updating one plugin network wide and bringing down your whole network. You can test on a small subset of sites before updating everything.

Icon Integrated

Integrated Everything

Our delivery system automates domain registration, billing, provisioning, DNS record setup on CloudFlare, and deployment of both hosting and WordPress. It’s everything multisite promises and more.

Supporting All The WordPress Brands You Already Know

Praise From Our Awesome Agency Customers

WP Aligned is a delight to work with. Their knowledge and support are impeccable. I felt like a valued team member from the start. Tom and Bobby provide invaluable assistance and guidance. With WP Aligned, you're a cherished member, not just a customer. Highly recommended!

Stephanie Hudson
Stephanie Hudson FocusWP

A chasm has grown in the WordPress hosting space. You have cheap, low-quality shared hosting on one side and complex, self-configured servers on the other. WP Aligned bridges this gap by offering the high quality hosting service of the latter, with the pricing and customer service of the former - and you don't need a Computer Science degree to set up your servers, because they take care of you every step of the way.

Jennifer Sakowski
Jennifer Sakowski Raney Day Design

WP Aligned is not only a service we buy into but they are an extension of my team. We rely heavily on hosting and support services to help manage all of our client site's software. Peace of mind is knowing Tom and Bobby are just an email away when software acts up.

Gary Carson
Gary Carson 406 Web Solutions

To say WP Aligned is the best hosting solution is a gross understatement and misses the point entirely. WP Aligned is the backbone of your business, the missing piece to make your agency work. Imagine never having to worry about a backup, an update, security, or even an email from a client. How great would it be to have a team that will respond to and complete 95% of tickets while routing the revenue opportunities to your inbox?